HF Fax Propagation Experiment


today I'm proud to introduce my small HF Fax Propagation Experiment :


The two modes are:

[*] No fax - there are no lines at 2300-2400 and 1400-1600
[*] Fax - there are two lines at 2300-2400 and 1400-1600 more or less strong

Sometimes it's an other util broadcast :)

Tools I use for that:

[*] rigctl.exe
[*] ftp.exe
[*] irfanview.exe
[*] boxcutter.exe
[*] speclab
[*] some fine arranged dos scripts :)

If the picture is white, almost, it's a bug, not a feature ;)

Note: this is only a non permanent experiment :) But it's big fun... :)