New internet hype: VHF SDR for about 20$ or 15€

Since a few weeks there is a new hype in internet: SDR frontends for about 20$ or 15€. An intalian guy found out that he can use a DVB-T USB stick as frontend for HDSDR or similar SDR software like WSPLUS. Since then it exploded :).

I give this a try since three days. I bought a DVB-T usb stick for 20$/15€ at a local electonic component store. I must say it's worth it's money! You get a SDR frontend that has the following specs (hopefully):
  • Frequency range from (about) 60 to 800 MHz (with FC0013 tuner).
  • Frequency range from (about) 60 to 1700 MHz (with E4000 tuner).
  • Bandwidth from 900 megasamples (kHz) to 3.2 megasamples (MHz). This is realy cool!
  • Until today you can use it with HDSDR, WRPLUS, WINRAD with custom ExtIO.
Mine is a RTL2385U/FC0013. I has a range from 60 to 860 MHz. It's okay for 15 bucks :)

Here's list with USB sticks that are compatible:

Read this also:

Some results of receiption to come...