RX live audio. A trial.


after a long time of silence I'm back again. This time I try to do live audio broadcasting from my rig.
After a few seconds of buffering audio data the RX audio is live and direct "on air".

If not press play button (Firefox for eg.). I don't know if it's working on IE, too.

Note: rig parked on 4625kHz USB.

If you think audio is not perfect you are right. My 2$ soundcard from Hong Kong I'm using is not as good I want it to.

I'm just trying a new USB soundcard for a price of  about 4,07 EURO/5,28 USD. It seems to be way better as the soundcard I used before.

But hey. It's a beginning.

Here's my setup:

 * YAESU FRG-100
 * Raspberry Pi B 700MHz
 * Planet UP-100, Genius G-Talk USB soundcard
 * WiFi Ethernetbridge
 * 8GB SD card oversized ;)
 * Misc cables
 * Misc power supplies

Description of project in CQDL 06-2013 by DK7MW. Thx to him.