RTLSDR: rtl_power


There's a new utility in the famous RTLSDR package: rtl_power. Coder keenerd says about it:

Rtl_power is a small CLI tool for logging wide swaths of bandwidth. You can specify any chunk of spectrum, with any FFT bin size and any logging rate. (For sane values of any.)

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I've done a hf scan with rtl_power lately. It shows a spectrum graphic from 3MHz to about 15MHz.

You can see it here:


Attention: it's a big picture! ;)

You can see many bc stations that come and go. OTHR are visible, too. And many other stations.

My setup was a DVB-Tstick modified as direct sampler. I connected my 12m wire to it.

It's a very cheat solution for non realtime / longterm hf band observations. But you can also use it with a unmodified DVB-T stick, too.

And now have some fun with rtl_power :)