Bananapi and GQRX - works with low samplerate


Yesterday I found this interesting website from OP Michael, DG0OPK. It describes howto use Cubieboard and Bananapi for ham radio stuff:


The section "update: 6.December 2014" refers to Igor's website. Igor created a Bananapi image without any x server or something else. As you can read on Michael's page he writes down howto install x server and ham radio stuff.

Then I decided to install GQRX to test how it works on a 1GHz/1GB dual core embeded system. SDR is the well known RTLSDR R820T.

Here's the result:

GQRX on Bananapi

As you can see GQRX takes about 60% to 70% of CPU. You have to set samplerate to 250kS. All values above 250kS causes the CPU to use 100% of both cores :(.

But it's a beginning.