Doppler experiments


inspired by OM DJ0MY (thanks!) I tried to get some nice doppler signals. I tuned to Graves radar on 143.050 MHz and Hamburg ATIS on 123.125 MHz.

With my "new" diy lindenblaad type antenna (new == 1,5 years old ;) ) for 70cm I caught a few nice doppler signals.

Let's go :) .

Doppler by planes on Hamburg ATIS frequency. The transmitter should be about 120km away.

Frequency drift of RTLSDR, maybe.

Distance between QTH and Hamburg ATIS transmitter.

Doppler by ISS on Graves radar frequency 143.050MHz. See pulse/pulse break on ISS. ISS was about 1000km away - or more...

Pulse break from Graves radar on ISS.

Pulse length from Graves radar on ISS.